Run for Justice Route

Start up in front of Harmony Park and One Step at A Time Running Store — Oakhurst, City of Decatur.


  1. Start – on Oakview, near Fifth Avenue, northbound on Oakview
  2. Go north on Oakview
  3. PASS East Lake, PASS W. Benson
  4. Turn RIGHT on Adams
  5. PASS W. Benson 
  6. Turn RIGHT on W. Hill 
  7. Turn LEFT on McKoy
  8. PASS McKoy Park on left 
  9. Turn RIGHT on Spring Street
  10. PASS East Lake (water stop on the right at Spring & Oakview before turn on Oakview) 
  11. Turn LEFT on Oakview, moving to RIGHT side of island, RUNNING WITH TRAFFIC 
  12. Turn RIGHT on Second Avenue
  13. Turn LEFT on East Lake
  14. Turn RIGHT on Third Avenue 
  15. Turn LEFT on East Lake, RUNNING IN LEFT LANE  (this section of East Lake will be closed to cars)
  16. Proceed through chute and past clocks